Top 10 List: Indonesia

12 Jul

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The Top 10 Things to Know About Indonesia (in no particular order):

10. Absinthe. Though not native to Indonesia, it was here that this particular drink unlocked CK – thankfully I’ve never claimed whether my Top 10 lists were good or bad because I’m not sure I can classify this event one way or the other.

9. The temples. Each one is breath-taking but 2 favourites were Tanah Lot, a temple that appears as though it’s on an island at high tide but one you can walk to at low tide (sunset), and Uluwatu Temple, located high above the ocean atop a cliff. Just seeing these incredible places of worship is a religious experience.

8. Mt. Rinjani. Even though we didn’t make it to the summit, we were privy to some pretty spectacular scenery, including one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve even seen and some of the most mystical and magical views.  To boot, there was a lake and a volcano ON the volcano!

7. The party scene. Kuta and Jimboran are the places to party, from Icon to Rock Bar, any night of the week, the beats are a-pumpin’ and the clubs are a bumpin’.

6. The beaches. From deserted to jam-packed, from black sand to white sand, there’s a beach that matches your preference. If you’re looking from some true R&R you can even get a pedicure or a massage from the comfort of your beach chair.

5. The hotel prices. If you up your budget to $30/night, you can get a clean room with A/C, hot water and a pool. If you’re really lucky, that price may even include breakfast and bath towels!

4. The markets. From silver jewelry to peace sign singlets, from faux-Raybans to neon Casio watches, the prices are right and the selection aplenty.

3. Gili T. Everything about this island is pure magic, including the mushrooms (not that I could tell you from first-hand experience). I especially found the island’s ‘legal system’ interesting: there is no such thing as law enforcement on Gili T, the closest thing they have is an appointed elder who is responsible for resolving any and all conflict on the island.

2. The surfing. No matter what your skill level, Indonesia has the perfect break for you (I would highly, highly recommend Lembongan for surfers of all abilities). When there’s a long gap between sets take advantage of the down time and make friends with fellow surfers – if you’re lucky they might even give you some helpful hints!

1. The BFF reunion. I know my Top 10 is typically about the country itself, but for me the highlight of Indonesia was sharing it all with some of my all-time favourite people.




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