Kuta (Part II) & Jimboran

7 Jul

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Kuta (Part II) & Jimboran
  • In the morning it was back on the slow boat, back to Senor where Jonny would be spending the day taking a kite-boarding lesson while Tal, J.J. and I headed back to Kuta for some more surfing.
  • Unfortunately the ocean wasn’t very cooperative over the next 2 days and the waves either took their sweet time coming in between sets (at times we were waiting over 20 minutes for a set!) or when they would come in they’d be the kind that fold over and crash, beating you down into the ocean floor.  All that waiting around on my board led to a sunburned bum – ouch!
  • The following 3 days that J.J. and I spent in Kuta were on our own, as Tal and Jonny had left Indonesia for Malaysia. Lucky for us, the surf really picked up and we managed to get in some amazing rides in! I actually would wager that one of the best rides of the trip happened in these 3 days – the break began far away from the beach and I took it all the way in, riding for about 15 full seconds. With every good ride I fall more in love with this sport!
  • At night, we mostly took it easy, going for dinner, a couple of drinks and a walk around town, though one night we headed into Jimboran to the Ayana Hotel to meet up with a friend of J.J.’s at Rock Bar.
    Let me start by describing the Ayana Hotel – it is beautiful. Everything you could want in a 5-star resort: infinity pools galore, a glass walled chapel for weddings, a large grassy outdoor spot atop a cliff overlooking the ocean (an outdoor wedding reception was set up while we were there), a golf cart to take you around the grounds, fountain pools full of koi fish, romantic little huts where you can sit on clean white pillows to dine, and a bar carved out of a cliff that you can either walk down to or take a tram down to.
    We were there to see Sir Norman Jay DJ, the same DJ that spun at Obama’s inauguration. The night was incredible – from the sunset walk down to the beach to the relaxed yet party vibe of Rock Bar to the DJ booth nestled above the dance floor, seemingly right into the cliff, to the dance floor overlooking the ocean and looking out at Kuta to the music. A must-see for anyone visiting Bali (though budget accordingly – this is not a cheap night out!).

That pretty well concludes our epic adventure in and around Indonesia. This place has something for everyone – beautiful culture, delicious food, gorgeous beaches, physical activities from yoga to trekking to surfing to kite surfing, a never-ending party scene, tranquility and romance. You can find it all in Indonesia. And while I won’t play favourites in terms of countries visited on this trip, this may be the country that could be deemed as universally enjoyable, no matter what your vice. I’ve come and gone and am already thinking about what I’ll do when I inevitably return (diving in Flores and a boat trip to Komodo are high on the list), so if you’ve never experienced the wonders of Indonesia it’s time to add it to your bucket list.


2 Responses to “Kuta (Part II) & Jimboran”

  1. Tara July 12, 2012 at 15:12 #

    kait – LOVED reading all about your indo experience! brought back so many great memories for me! we will for sure have to do some looking into Ontario surf when you return… missing the sport badly! also glad to hear you went to Yoga Barn! I loved that place!

    miss you! xoxoxo

    • kaitlinhaynes July 15, 2012 at 09:21 #

      Thanks, Tar! I’m definitely in for the quest to find surfing in ON!
      Can’t wait to see you and baby bump in September! xo

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