Ubud (Part II), Indonesia

5 Jul

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To Ubud we go…again! 

  • Because we’d had such a good time in Ubud at the beginning of our trip we decided it would be a nice place for Clegger to finish out her time with us in Indonesia. The boys had talked up the food in Ubud and with her appetite finally back to normal she was eager to see what they were raving about and we still hadn’t done much shopping or gotten our $4 massages in.
  • We took a taxi to the fast boat which didn’t do much for any of our tummies. It was nearly a half hour ride along a very winding road and was very hot to boot. When we arrived at the fast boat dock we had to wait about half an hour before we were able to board, again in the extreme heat. Once the boat got going, Tal decided she’d stay down below and lay out on the seats and try to get some sleep while Jonny, J.J., Clegger and I opted to ride on the roof and get some fresh air. The rooftop agreed with most of us, but caused J.J. to toss his cookies. Twice. Thankfully no one was sitting behind him and his output hit only the side of the boat and the sea below.
  • We arrived at the dock in Pedang Bai where we met the taxi driver that had been arranged for us by the boat company. He drove us about 5 minutes, pulled over on the side of the road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and got out leaving us with a different driver. This new driver took us to the edge of Ubud, insisting he wouldn’t take us any further into town even though it would have been a 40 minute walk uphill with our bags. Lucky for us there was a large yellow sticker on the inside of the van that read “Driver complaints? Call 1234567.” (Obviously that wasn’t the actual phone number.) So we did, we let the company know that the driver had switched out and that this new driver refused to drop us off at our hotel as promised. Eventually the driver be-grudgingly dropped us off in the middle of the busy road, without pulling over, in front of the side-street leading to our hotel.
  • We stayed at Sadru House Bungalows once again, wanting to share the good experience we’d already had there with Clegger.
  • After a quick wash of the face and change of clothes we hit the streets for some gelato at the amazing Gelato Secrets. From there, the girls split from the boys and walked along Monkey Road to show Clegger the shops where she hoped to buy some souvenirs to bring home. Tal and I also had to buy the largest duffel bag known to man that we would later fill with things we no longer needed and send them home with Clegger.
  • We had dinner that night at Tutmak. Unfortunately they were out of many of the dishes that appealed to us but Clegger and I decided to make a Mexican night of it and we were not disappointed.
  • We began Clegger’s last day in Indonesia by setting out in the morning in search of Yoga Barn, an Ubud yoga studio recommended to us by Chrissy. We finally found this beautiful and spacious open air studio tucked away from the main streets and located just a stairway above rich green terraces, fields and palm trees. There were about 30 or 40 people filling up the huge class taught by Emily, an American yoga instructor from L.A. It was unlike any yoga class I’ve ever taken and involved working in pairs and was torturous for the legs, particularly the hamstrings (in a good way!).
  • After yoga we rewarded ourselves with some drinks Yoga Barn’s restaurant before splitting off by gender (again) for some more shopping. Clegger was an art fiend that day, purchasing 4 abstract paintings in addition to souvenirs for family back home in the market.
  • After yoga and a full day of shopping Clegger, Tal and I indulged in a one-hour massage. The 3 of us were shown to a small private room in the front of the spa where we had the equivalent of a couples massage. Amazing.
  • That night, the girls gave in to the boys’ insistence that we’d be missing out if we left Ubud without trying the BBQ at Naughty Nuris. They were right – if you’re headed to Ubud and like a good BBQ, Nuris is not to be missed – from its outdoor cookout feel to the quality and freshness of each of the dishes we tried.
  • In spite of our meat comas we hurried back to Gelato Secrets to have one last taste before sending Clegg off to the airport with Wayan.
  • I’m happy to say that this time, saying goodbye wasn’t as hard as it had been back in January. J.J. and I would be home in about 3 months time and Tal and Jonny had passed the halfway point of their journey. It wouldn’t be long before we’d resume life as it had been back home.

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