Senggigi, Indonesia

5 Jul

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  • We arrived in Senggigi sometime after it got dark, all of us exhausted. We checked into the hotel that Emy Café in Senaru had suggested, Batu Balong Bungalows, and were happy they offered clean sheets on comfy beds and an immaculate tub. To boot there was A/C. Sweet, sweet luxuries! Nearly immediately, everyone (Jonny, Tal, Heather, Chrissy, Amber, J.J. and I) called it a night and agreed we’d meet for breakfast at the hotel restaurant in the morning (breakfast was included!).
  • Reunited with internet I spent much of the day catching up on future trip planning (booking our flight to Kenya), photos, blogging and emailing friends, followed by some poolside time with Clegger and Amber. Lying poolside on a padded lounge chair while listening to the ocean crash into the beach immediately behind you while having girl talk – amazing. It was a great day of R&R.
  • That night we had a pretty quiet dinner at a pizza place the boys had discovered at lunch earlier in the day. They had a live band but the power must have gone out at least half a dozen times which made the musical performance half acoustic. We made the 5 – 10 minute walk back to the hotel and soon after opted for another early night. Everyone was still tired from trekking and we all wanted Clegger to get back to feeling 100% but first we made our friend Jen a video for her bridal shower. (Actually first we rehearsed what we would say on the video, less than impressing poor Jonny who had to witness our practice session.)
  • In the morning, Tal, Heather and I had breakfast together before heading to the beach. J.J. had already left, determined to find the best surf spot. When we arrived at the beach we learned the waves weren’t great as J.J. was sitting on the sand with 2 locals, his sarong over his head to protect his Irish skin from the sun, playing chess.
  • The girls set up our sarongs in the sun, alternating reading and taking quick dips all the while being swarmed by local kids who were on holiday from school.
  • The sun was so hot that day that we made the decision to get out of it for the peak hours and headed to nearby Bamboo Bar, where the bar stools are swings, for some midday happy hour drinks -non-alcoholic drinks that is, these were pure fresh fruit juices blended with ice.
  • It’s a good thing we took it pretty easy during the day because unbeknownst to us we were gearing up for a big night.
  • We had dinner with Amber and Chrissy at Happy Café in town. Tal, Clegger and I chose to share a pitcher of jungle juice not knowing what it was. When it came out it was essentially a jug of alcohol mixed with juice and each of us were given a shot glass from which to drink. We should have known that after a pitcher of shooters what kind of night we were in for.
  • Amber and Chrissy left after dinner not wanting to suffer a hangover the following day as it was a travel day for us all. They were smart, us, not so much. We kept the party going, singing along to the live band, drinking the shots of Petron bought for us by the Café owner and meeting Yodi, the father of one of the guys in the live band. This gentleman hilariously referred to himself as Yodi-Only-One (you’re the only one).
  • From Happy Café we headed to a club of sorts where there was also a live band that barely got to play as Yodi-Only-One got hold of the mic and wouldn’t let it go. There was also a point in the night where Jonny had Clegger up on his shoulders on the dance floor.
  • In the morning we were all a little worse for wear, drinking water by the litre and knocking back the Advils and the Gravol. Mornings like this remind me I’m no longer 19 and can’t party as though I am. Ugh.

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