Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

5 Jul

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Nusa Lembongan

  • The morning after Clegger left for home, Tal, Jonny, J.J. and I were on our way to Lembongan Island. We purchased our tickets for the slow boat through Sadru’s and they came with transportation from Ubud to Senor where we caught the boat.
  • Getting on the boat was challenging as the waves were enormous and we were carrying our bags – try balancing on a slippery boat ladder as the boat is being bounced off the sand by the waves while carrying 13kg on your back and 4kg on your front.
  • We sat on raised and unpadded 2’x4’ planks of wood for the 1+ hour wavy ride to Lembongan as the rain spit in through the sides of the boat soaking us.
  • As we approached the island we saw high cliffs, huge and fast-moving waves rolling in towards the shore and a number of large ships and party boats anchored offshore.
  • We pulled in to shore and without having made a reservation in advance for accommodations we began our search for a place to  stay. The first place we stopped we had Jonny run in to take a look. Considering he found a dead rat in the bathroom we chose not to stay there. We continued on and found a dive school that offered beachfront rooms for $15/night that were basic but clean but still we continued on. We walked just past Scoobydoo’s restaurant and decided to stay at Mandara Beach Bungalows. The back of our room looked out at a seaweed farm and the ocean while from our balcony we had a view of the beach and the ocean.
  • We used our first day to get our bearings which included finding out where we’d be able to hire surfboards and a boat to take us out to the break in the morning as well as where we could hire motorbikes we could use to explore the island the following afternoon.
  • That night, we ate and used the wifi at Scoobydoo for some trip planning and catching up back home before finishing the night off with a few games of Shithead on Tal and Jonny’s balcony back at Mandara.
  • In the morning we headed to the New Bro, the surf shop where the day before we’d met and hired Lana to take us out in his boat to the break called Laceration for a 2-hour surf session.  We headed out around 10am, the best time for beginner to intermediate surfers to catch waves and let me just say they were UNREAL. One of the most incredible surfing days I’ve had on this trip so far! Jonny and I opted to ride shorter boards and both got up and were dropping in. Tal and J.J. stuck to the slightly longer boards and also got in some good rides. Closer to 12pm the waves really picked up and Jonny and I even got caught in the green room (not standing on our boards in the least). While Jonny scraped his toe along the ocean floor on some coral, I managed to escape relatively unscathed aside from being tossed around so fiercely that it took me a moment to figure out which way was up, and once I did I emerged unable to breathe as my rashguard had come off of my body and over my head. I think it will be some time yet, if ever, that I willfully decide to (or am ready to skill-wise) attempt to stand in the greenroom.
  • That afternoon we scootered around the island visiting the relatively deserted Dream Beach before having an afternoon drink at Mushroom Beach.
  • We watched an incredible sunset from the beach in front of Mandara for which I’ll let the photos speak the words I cannot find to do its beauty justice.
  • I was so wiped from the day’s events that I didn’t even make it out to dinner but the others went to Scoobydoo. In the morning we’d be leaving Nusa Lembongan and heading to Kuta by way of Senor.

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