Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

2 Jul

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Gili Trawangan

  • Wayan (our driver from Ubud) picked us up at Sea View Bungalows at 6am, and after we got Tal and Jonny up (time to get a new alarm, guys!) he took us to the fast boat we had planned to take to Gili Trawangan, or Gili T.
  • The fast boat has the option of sitting on top and Heather, Tal and I rode up there for the full 2 hour ride. I love boats so this was pure awesome, Clegger was getting some bronzing time in so she was pumped and Tal did pretty well considering she gets a bit sea sick.
  • We’d booked our hotel in advance and walked the short was to where we’d be staying, at D’Harbour. If you’re going to Gili T I would highly recommend it. For about $30/night you get a hut with A/C and a private but half-outdoor bathroom which is beautiful. Also, the staff is really friendly and D’Harbour has a bar and restaurant with a live band every night (though you may have to tell them to turn up the party and turn down the sad and depressing ‘nobody loves me’ tunes).
  • We spent our first day on the surf beach surfing in waist-deep water over coral reefs and playing by the beach with 3 local little girls whose swim suits consisted of tattered underpants and no tops.
  • We got to see some of the locals out surfing and are they ever daring! They ride in with their kids sitting or standing on their shoulders and multiple times we saw a guy ride in while doing a headstand on his board (remember it’s really shallow water with an ocean floor of sharp coral).
  • We had dinner at D’Harbour before going to Sama-Sama reggae bar where they have a live reggae band. You can choose to dance and drink in the bar, sip your cocktail beach-side or fall asleep at the table like Miss Mohns. In her defence, it was a busy day.
  • J.J., Jonny and I were up early the next morning to try to get in a morning surf but unfortunately the ocean wasn’t very cooperative and the waves were few and far between. We met Tal and Heather at a nearby restaurant for some juice on the beach (magic mushroom free – they ask whenever you order juice or a shake on Gili T if you’d like a magic shake) where we made a plan to rent bicycles and ride around the island.
  • We biked to a secluded beach full of reef where we had some pretty amazing snorkel time before heading over to have lunch in what can only be described as a stereotypical Bali hut on the beach with a perfect view of ocean paradise. Le sigh.
  • Later that afternoon we headed back to the surf beach and by then the waves were breaking. I went out with Clegger and J.J. managed to catch us on his GoPro camera tandem surfing, riding in on the same wave.
  • We ate an amazing and very cheap dinner at the outdoor market (be warned, go early before all of the good stuff gets bought!) before heading back to D’Harbour as it was the night of their big beach bonfire party.
  • Clegger and I staying out dancing on the beach until after 4am after she took a little interlude to ‘got to the bathroom’. Really, she was in her room frantically trying to finish a chapter of the book 50 Shades of Grey. Her nickname on this trip became The Diddler. (Sorry Harju!)
  • The next day since we still had our bicycles we decided to bike all the way around the island (though often having to push our bikes when the sand got too deep) and Jonny suggested we stop at every beach bar along the way. I’ll let the photos of our island tour around Gili T do the talking but W.O.W. Paradise, paradise, paradise.
  • We stopped for sunset close to where we’d started our ride for the day and pulled a wooden bench from a bar out onto the sand for Bintangs and a perfect view of the pink sky. We also did a full-on handstand and high-5 in the air photo shoot. Many, many takes were had and big thanks to J.J. for being a patient photographer.
  • That night we had dinner again at the very cost-effective outdoor market where the boys put together a pitch for us to visit Lombok and do a 3-day hike up Mt. Ranjani. I’m not sure if it was the hiking a volcano part or the stick drawings of the volcano they prepared in advance but we were sold. The next day we’d be on the local boat and Lombok-bound.

2 Responses to “Gili Trawangan, Indonesia”

  1. Harju July 12, 2012 at 12:44 #

    Totally valid re-gifting of my nick name!! Clegger told me the story, love it. Man I wish I had been there with you guys! xoxo

    • kaitlinhaynes July 15, 2012 at 09:20 #

      I wish you had been too! Miss you, but see you in 2 months! xoxo

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