Kuta, Indonesia

1 Jul

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  • To preface everything Kuta, Jonny very accurately dubbed this place CanKuta (because of its likeness to Cancun). Kuta is to Australians what Cancun is to Canadians.
  • We booked our rooms in advance this time at Suji Guest House. Unfortunately most cabs won’t drive you right in to the hotel through the narrow streets so we had a 10-minute wander around to find it. It was all worth it once we did: clean spacious rooms, hot water shower, an amazing pool in the center of the complex and a 5-minute walk to Kuta Beach.
  • We kicked off our time in Kuta with a beach day where we rented 2 boards to share between the 5 of us for 70,000IR each for the day.
  • For dinner we couldn’t decide between this brand new Italian pizza place that was sampling delicious fresh pizza and Un’s which had a ravioli carousel. As we have been for the past 5+ months, whenever we can’t decide what to do, we left it to fate and flipped a coin. Un’s won and it was incredible!
  • After dinner we visited an outdoor bar called Alley Cats. It was filled with Aussies and the cheapest drinks there were vodka Red Bulls. From there we moved on to Icon by following the crowd down through the busy strip which is like Vegas meets Cancun – wild. After sipping on vodka sodas all night Heather and I ventured to the DJ booth, most likely to request some form of hip hop or gangsta rap. There we met the owner of the bar who fed us flaming shots of absinthe. For those of you who have missed her, absinthe brought CK back from the dead.
  • Needless to say after our epic partying we got off to a slow start but nothing kills the head throb of the morning after a great night like a dip in the ocean and surf session. I thought I loved surfing before but on this day I dropped in on my first wave and have fallen head over heels, so much so that my first order of business once back in Toronto will be to scope out the surf scene at Scarborough Bluffs and look into buying a board.
  • After nursing our hangovers all day at the beach we reverted back to our 12 year-old selves and had a quiet pop and pizza dinner at the one week-old Italian restaurant.  It was amazing and we wound up meeting the owner, and Italian man from Sicily, who also has a number of other restaurants in Bali as well as in Miami. In true Italian form, he brought us shots of limoncello and that’s the only cocktailing we did that night – we are getting old. (Well J.J.’s already old, the 4 of us are just catching up I guess.)
  • Once we’d finished dinner we walked to the memorial that was built in the city centre to commemorate those who lost their lives to terrorist bombings in the nightclub district in both 2002 and 2004. It was a sad, sad thing to see the long list of names of those who were killed.
  • In the morning Heather, Tal and I went to the market, where they have the rudest t-shirts, leaving just enough time for a quick dip in the Suji Guest House pool and were then on our way to Balangan.

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