Seminyak, Indonesia

29 Jun

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  • We didn’t book a hotel in advance in Seminyak but had read in Lonely Planet that Ned’s Hideaway was a good budget place to stay. Unfortunately when we arrived they didn’t have room for our party of 5 but they directed us down the street and to the left to a hotel that was, to put it nicely, extremely basic.
  • We got cleaned up and headed to JP’s for dinner where there was live music and the food was decent. There, to kill time before Tal and I left to pick up Heather at the airport, we made her an airport sign complete with a stick figure that was supposed to be her with her fringe (fringe = bangs). In retrospect, Heather was flying Korean Air and because our picture was drawn using a black Sharpie, it looked more like the Korean women than Heather.
  • Big hugs and loud screams later Tal, Heather and I were in a cab on the way to our hotel in Seminyak to meet up with J.J. and Jonny.
  • That night we went out to Santa Fe, a bar that the boys had scoped out while we were picking up Heather that had an incredible live band called Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse could play any cover from Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam and sound exactly like the band they were covering – it was awesome!
  • In the morning we ate a breakfast of bread and peanut butter on our patio that Heather and J.J. had ventured out to pick up from the local market before hitting the beach.
  • We had an amazing day of R&R on the beach which included pedicures for Tal and Heather, refreshing dips in the ocean waves and a long walk on the beach that took us until sunset.
  • We ate dinner at one of the little outdoor patios along the main strip, after which we headed back to our hotel patio to drink Bintangs and play a number of games of shithead (a card game) until we were ready for sleep.
  • In the morning we would be taking a taxi the 20 minutes to Kuta.

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