Top 10: Malaysia

27 Jun

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The Top 10 Things to Know About Malaysia (in no particular order):

10. Mall ‘culture’. Nearly every day people have to walk into, through or just outside a mall to do any of the following: get to work, groceries, get a cab, catch the bus, visit the main tourist attractions, play hockey, go to the gym, see a play, etc.

9. Steamboats.  A traditional Malaysia dish where a pot of broth sitting atop a gas burner is delivered to your table, along with numerous plates of raw ingredients such as seafood, chicken and vegetables. It’s basically a create-your-own-soup and it’s delicious.

8. The rainforest close to the Cameron Highlands is where the world’s third largest flower grows: the massive 5-petal Rafflesia. (Actually, it’s half flower and half fungus.)

7. China Town. It’s complete mayhem but offers a hustling energy that never ceases to falter. If bargaining’s your thing, China Town is your oyster.

6. KLCC. Kuala Lumpur’s luxury mall is a shopper’s dream come true, where describing a location to meet your friends sounds as fancy-pants as “meet me at the corner of Chanel and Miu Miu”.

5. Central Market. While there are lots of the expected goods inside Central Market (designer fakes, little knick-knacks, pashminas, etc.), just outside is a full-on outdoor art market.

4. The architecture. Architects from Europe or North America are commissioned to create the buildings. Once the build is complete the local Malaysian workforce doesn’t have the knowledge to maintain these buildings so once they age beyond repair they are knocked down and a new structure is built (most likely designed by another European or North American architect).

3. The temperature. It can be close to 40 degrees and humid as can be outdoors but walk inside any building and be prepared for it to feel as though you’ve walked into a cold storage room.

2. Tea and scones with fresh cream and homemade strawberry jam.

1. The Petronas Towers. When they’re lit up at night it’s like something out of a Batman movie.




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