Local Bus to Besisahar

22 May

May 2, 2012

Kathmandu to Besisahar

The car we had arranged the previous day picked us up from Hotel Ganesh Himal around 9:30am and drove us to Dumre, through the insane morning traffic of Kathmandu (this part of the trip reminded me a lot of India – the honking, the disregard for traffic lanes, the sheer volume of vehicles on the road, very few of which would pass an emissions test back home) until we were outside the city and driving along the winding country roads that took us through the occasional village.

2.5 hours and some slight motion sickness later we arrived in the small, congested town of Dumre. Our driver helped organize our tickets for the local bus and escorted us to the correct one. We were the only people on board this particular bus and so we waited. The way local buses operate out of Dumre is they queue up one behind the other and once the bus in front is full it leaves, the other buses inch forward and wait for the next bus in line to fill up before it too drives off. We waited for a little over an hour before we began our 3 hour and 42km trip to Besi Sahara.

The streets were winding and bumpy and the bus had very little in the way of shocks. The dust from the road swirled up and flowed in the open windows. We stopped nearly every 5 minutes picking people up and dropping people off, always maintaining a tightly packed ride. (Think people sitting in the aisles, the money collector hanging out the door and people riding on the roof when there was no longer any room inside the bus.)

Upon arriving in Besisahar we asked around and found a tourist office a 5-minute walk up the street. The woman there informed us of a basic but clean and quiet hotel just across the street, Hotel Mongolian, where we’d be able to get a good night’s sleep before beginning our trek in the morning.  She also informed us that a number of people take the local bus from Besi Sahara and begin their trek a ways in due to the newly constructed road. We decided we’d walk.

We had dinner at the hotel, pre-ordered our breakfast for 6am the following morning and retired to our room to plan our target destination for the following day.

I can’t believe it but I don’t have a single photo of Besisahar. Apologies! 


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