Top 10 List: Australia

18 Apr

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The Top 10 Things to Know About Australia (in no particular order):

10. The naming of establishments is hilarious: an athletic shoe store called ‘Athlete’s Foot’, a bar called ‘The Lucky Coq’, a real estate agency called ‘The Dingle Partners’ and a liquor store called ‘The Dick Liquor’. Case in point.

9. Words are often made into ridiculous sounding short forms. For example, if you want to say something is very expensive in Aussie talk you would say it was ‘mad exxy’ or if something happened that was totally devastating you would say ‘totes devo’.

8. The Great Ocean Road, especially from Torquay to Port Campbell, is the most incredible road trip I have ever done. From scenery to wild life to backpacker life along the way, it’s all amazing.

7. You can’t beat the area of Fitzroy within the Brunswick precinct in Melbourne when it comes to food & drink, as well as shopping. Toronto meets London.

6. The view of the Sydney skyline from the ferry to/from Manly is unmatched. If you can, time it right for the sunset ride and be prepared (with a fully charged camera battery) to be awestruck.

5. Byron Bay everything. From the sunrise view from the famous lighthouse to the surfing to the laid-back party lifestyle. My time there felt like Muskoka in the summertime, in other words it felt like home.

4. The surfing in Torquay. If you’re a beginner, Surf Beach has incredible waves and if you’re an expert head to Bells Beach. I don’t care that the waters are well-known to be shark infested, it was pure awesome.

3. The views from the Coastal Track in Noosa National Park will humble you.

2. Burleigh Beach is the less crowded and more locally populated alternative to Surfer’s Paradise. Beautiful, lifeguarded and great for people-watching.

1. Being reunited with friends an family across the globe and experiencing life as they are living it was a perfect top off of my Australian experience. 


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