Sydney in Summary

15 Apr

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April 2, 2012 – April 10, 2012

We left Canberra in the morning to spend the next week in Sydney, staying again with Kiera and Dave, and reuniting there with Tal and Jonny a few days later after nearly 3 weeks apart for a long weekend at the end of our time in Australia.

Our time in Sydney was a good mix of down time with good friend as well as time spent out and about, and so in an attempt to catch up on a week’s worth of activity I think it less daunting, not to mention more interesting, to share the highlights:

Health & Fitness

  • Kiera is on an insane health-kick doing an eating and exercise program developed by Michelle something-or-other of The Biggest Loser Australia. Not only did she inspire me to run 5km 4 of the 7 mornings we were in Sydney but also to go to bed at a reasonable hour, wake up and get going early, eat better and limit myself to 1 coffee per day (on most days). It also became a running joke anytime Kiera would give in to a craving to say that Michelle was sooooo disappointed in her.
  • I was able to play a great 2-hour game of doubles tennis at the local university with Kiera and Dave’s roommate and 2 of her guy friends. It was my first time playing on a grass court and on a totally unrelated note, I don’t think my partner and I actually won as I’m quite sure his extremely competitive nature caused him to cheat in terms of calling in and out balls.
  • Lawn bowling may be my new favourite sport. We spent a sunny afternoon playing ladies vs gents and pinting. In terms of highlights of the experience, 1) every time Jonny made a good shot he stripped down to his boxers and did a little dance, 2) the boys took to relieving themselves behind the equipment shed instead of going in to the clubhouse to the washroom after getting the ok from security, 3) depending who you ask, either Dave had the shot of the day where his ball was nearly kissing the jack, or I did when the boys had 3 points lined up and I decided to granny-shot my ball as hard as possible to move the jack, taking away all 3 of the boys’ points.

Food & Beverage

  • J.J. and I had a late lunch at Lowenbrau in the area of Sydney known as The Rocks, and trying to eat healthy I opted to order a pretty basic garden salad in spite of it costing $21. I asked if I could add chicken, and I could, for an extra $9! Ladies of Brightworks, it seems there is a new rich-man salad. (Bunless chicken sandwich and side salad for $16 was cheaper and the exact same thing.)
  • We had a Good Friday BBQ of 10 people at Kiera and Dave’s, complete with any seafood imaginable, 3 different kinds of chicken kebabs, 3 different kinds of sausages, 2 salads, potatos, squash, carrots, etc. Happy Easter!
  • Dave’s brother, Dan, set up an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Saturday night was a big night out so luckily he ‘hid’ them in very obvious and reachable locations. (I’m 28 and still have not gone a single year without an Easter Egg hunt!)

Travel & Tourism

  • J.J. and I were able to pick up all 4 visas for our upcoming trip to India without a hitch. Awesome because we had heard so many stories of people being denied visas without being given a reason.
  • J.J. and I visited the museum in the area of Sydney known as The Rocks where we learned all about its rough gangster history and looked at a number of different artifacts they had on display, everything from table settings to clothing. (See photos above.)
  • Taking the train and then the ferry over to Manly Beach. We spent a cool afternoon reading on the beach (unfortunately we couldn’t surf as the lifeguards closed the beach due to a strong rip), grabbing a drink at an ocean-view bar called Moonshine before taking the sunset ferry back to Central Station. We got an amazing view of the Opera House, Sydney Bridge and city skyline against a gorgeous pink sky.

Friends & Family

  • One night we had a bonfire in Kiera and Dave’s backyard that included Kiera, Dave, Dave’s brother, Dan, his girlfriend, Sarah, J.J., Tal and Jonny. At one point I was sitting cross-legged in my lawn chair and leaned back to take a picture of Kiera and Dave’s dog, Juno, not realizing my chair was on an incline. I fell backwards in slow motion, resulting in an impromptu photo shoot of my mishap. Also that night, I noticed a medium-sized spider on Tal’s shoulder and I only got to “Tal you’re not going to like this but…” before she jumped out of her seat, threw her wine glass across the backyard (Dave and Kiera’s wedding glassware) and went into a frantic version of an Elaine Benice dance all while yelping loud short high-pitched sounds. Amaze-balls.
  • We went to our Ottawa buddy’s place where we had pizza for dinner and partied like it was 2003, complete with running out of our own booze before dipping into some poor guy’s Canadian Club. Seriously, who left their liquor unattended at a party back in 2003?
  • We had a night out in King’s Cross with our friend Mike from Ottawa and Tal and I felt seriously out of place, mostly because we weren’t wearing shorts that displayed our butt creases or a skirt short enough to be mistaken for a lady of the night. (I’m kidding, Mum, I promise I don’t leave the house looking like a tart.) Seriously though, epic night out followed by foot-long subs at subway. (Michelle would be sooooooooo disappointed.)


  • After lunch out at a restaurant and while everyone else used the facilities, Jonny and I decided to pop into the toy store across the street. There was a little girl’s princess playhouse on display which Jonny wasted no time climbing into. The picture I have of this looks like the Disney image of Alice in Wonderland where she’s sitting up in the house after eating the cookie that makes her grow – priceless!
  • The day after our big (late) night out in King’s Cross was grey and rainy so we took full advantage and had a much needed day of rest which included a Teen Mom 2 marathon (ladies choice) followed by the movie Gray (worst movie I’ve seen in a long time, but to be fair, I fell asleep about half an hour in).
  • Skype dates. Thanks to Kiera and Dave’s reliable internet, we were all able to Skype with our parents as well as with Clegger! (We miss you all!)

All in all we had a relaxing and fun-filled time in Sydney in large part to our incredible hosts, Kiera and Dave. Thanks guys!


2 Responses to “Sydney in Summary”

  1. Kiera Leggereit April 18, 2012 at 03:02 #

    This post makes me feel like crying. Such an amazing time catching up with you guys we really miss you! The house is so quiet (and much less bearable) without you all!!

    • kaitlinhaynes April 18, 2012 at 07:11 #

      Miss you guys so much too! We’re booked to fly into Bali on June 1st – COME!!! xo

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