Wild Koalas in Kennett River

14 Apr

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March 29, 2012

We left Torquay around 10am and headed towards the entrance gates to the Great Ocean Road. The weather was gorgeous, with nothing but warm sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye could see. We’d learned from the visitor’s centre in Torquay that the most scenic part of the drive would be from the start of the road to just past Apollo Bay where the Otway Lighthouse was located. Even though the drive was only about an hour and a half or 2 hours long if you were to continuously drive, we gave ourselves the whole day as we knew we’d want to stop often to take pictures.

Stopping ‘often’ for us ended up being approximately every 200m – 400m as each twist and turn of the Great Ocean Road offered such incredibly beautiful scenery that was made even more gorgeous by the perfect weather. Since they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves as I don’t think even 1,000 words could do justice to the views we experienced.

We made a picnic lunch at ate looking over a lush cliff at a perfect white sand beach with as the sparkling blue-green ocean rolled inward and marveled at the view before getting back on the road. We drove on to Kennett River, a spot known for spotting wild koalas in the eucalyptus trees.

We pulled up and parked the car behind 3 others and walked up the dirt road. Instead of spotting a koala the first thing we noticed was a small gathering of people feeding wild and colourful birds from their hands. The birds were obviously accustomed to humans and had no fear. I on the other hand, fear the unpredictability of birds. Never knowing where they’re going to fly, if their talons will dig in to your skin or if they’ll give you a nip with their beak really freaks me out. At first I left the feeding of the birds to J.J. while I took photos but eventually I got up the courage to try it myself. I discovered that having multiple birds fighting for the seed in your hand is not for me, so I went back to taking pictures of J.J. At one point I was taking a photo of J.J. with the iPhone when one of the birds flew up and perched on the iPhone and began taking photos using its feet!

We eventually continued our walk up the road and spotted several wild koalas in the eucalyptus trees lining the road. Some hung out lower to the ground than others but all of them pooped down around us as they either ate or slept. Lazy little animals but so very adorable!

From Kennett River we made our way to Apollo Bay where we stopped at the beach to take some photos of the setting sun. Beach sunsets never get old so apologies in advance for 6 more months of such pictures! Next we drove to our hostel, a small cottage-like home a few streets up from the beach. When we arrived, the young woman running the hostel gave us our keys and told us we’d be staying at the cottage a few doors down. By the then it was dark and the cottage was dark. There were 2 bedrooms inside off of a small kitchen and living room area. Our room was only accessible from the outside and was behind a sliding glass door. My first thought was that this would be the perfect location to film a horror movie.

We left my illogical fears behind in search of the local grocery store to get some things we needed to make dinner, and by the time we got back there were 2 more guests, German girls, that had checked in. Over the course of dinner and drinks 5 more guests arrived and my thoughts of playing a role in a small town murder story dissolved.

Sweet, crime-free, dreams, Apollo Bay.


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