Surfing in the Surf Coast Region

14 Apr

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March 28, 2012

We checked out of Home at Bells Beach and drove over to Surf Beach to check on the surfing conditions before renting our boards. It looked good – the waves were big enough and it didn’t look as though we would have to wait for a long time between sets – so off we went to visit the rental shop we’d found on Bell Street the day before.

We put on our full-body wetsuits (not the most flattering of get-ups) and were given our boards and soon after were on our way to the beach. The anticipation and excitement that was building as I got closer and closer to the beach was unmistakeable – it’s how I feel about most board sports – and in spite of my beginner level, it’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love with surfing.

We had the boards for 2 hours and in those 2 hours I feel like something finally clicked. I was getting up on the waves and riding in to the beach more often than I was wiping out and a feeling of euphoria had washed over me. J.J. was having a great time as well and was determined to feel the click, so as he kept at it I ran up to the surf shop to extend our rental for the remainder of the day.

When we finally called it a day and left the beach to return our boards we were knackered and hoped that Home at Bells Beach had 2 beds to spare for our tired selves that night. Lucky for us, they did and so after hot showers and putting on some dry clothes we decided to drive to the famous Bells Beach for sunset.

Bells Beach was where experienced surfers went to surf and so in addition to getting to see some amazing local surf talent and a beautiful sunset we also got to see the set-up for the upcoming Rip Curl surf competition. There were grandstands set up along the cliff’s edge overlooking the ocean as well as a grandstand set up down on the beach by the water’s edge. I really wish we could have timed our trip to Torquay to attend the surf competition but this was the next best thing.

As darkness began to settle in, J.J. and I realized how tired we were so we headed back to the hostel to cook our BBQ dinner and eat alongside a number of our hostel-mates before calling it a night.


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