Gibson’s Steps & the 12 Apostles

14 Apr

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March 30, 2012

We woke up to a sunny morning and though there was a chill in the air our first stop was to the beach to determine if the waves were big enough to surf. Unfortunately they weren’t and so our next stop was to the local visitor’s centre where we hoped someone there could help us to plan our next day of driving along the Great Ocean Road.

After speaking with the woman in the visitor’s centre we decided we would make the drive to see Gibson’s Steps on our way to Port Campbell. There are 80-something steps that make up Gibson’s Steps which begin at the top of a cliff overlooking a long and beautiful stretch of unpopulated beach. The sky provided an incredible cornflower blue backdrop to the deep aquamarine ocean rolling inward in the form of huge thunderous waves. In the not too far distance to our right we could see 2 eroded rock structures that seemed to be growing out of the ocean. Incredible natural wonder.

We made our way down the steps and began walking the length of the beach as the tide washed over our feet and occasionally over our knees, soaking my leggings and J.J.’s shorts. We spent a good couple of hours taking it all in and taking photos before we made our way back to the car.

We decided we would head to Port Campbell to check into our hostel and stop in at the local visitor’s centre to plan the following day’s drive and overnight stay before heading back in the direction of Gibson’s Steps to see the 12 Apostles in time for sunset. With a plan in place for the next day and an hour or so to kill before sunset, we headed to the only pub in Port Campbell for a beer and some Buck Hunter, a video game I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen before at Nashville North in Georgtown/Brampton. I learned that I’m absolutely rotten at shooting animated Bambi’s but better than J.J. at duck hunting.

We downed our pints and headed to the 12 Apostles (still called 12 Apostles even though there are actually less) just as the sky was turning from blue to pink and got a pretty breathtaking view of the rocks jutting out from the ocean. From one of the viewpoints we could also see Gibson’s Steps where we’d been just a few hours earlier. Out in that direction a foggy mist had rolled in giving the scene a sort of mystic beauty.

When the night’s darkness settled in and we could no longer see anything but the black of night we made our way back to the car to drive back to our hostel in Port Campbell. There, we made dinner and made friends with a brother and sister from Calgary also traveling the Great Ocean Road on their way back to Canberra. We spent the evening chatting and watching a movie with about 12 other people in our hostel that were relaxing before another day on the road.

Off to bed we went, we had an aggressive itinerary for the next day including a number of stops as well as 9 hours of driving inland in the direction of Canberra.


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