A Heritage Home and St. Stephen’s Church

14 Apr

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April 1, 2012

Our day began with the 4-hour drive to Canberra. Once we arrived our first stop was to the do-it-yourself car wash where we rinsed, washed, waxed and sham-wowed Jamie’s car after giving the inside a thorough vacuum and wipe-down. Once it was sparkling we made our way over to the shopping centre near Jamie’s condo where we picked up a thank you gift for Jamie (the South America Lonely Planet for his upcoming travels and some Tim Tams to keep him going once we were gone), a host/hostess gift for Anne and Andy who were having us over for dinner later that night (wine for Anne and pistachios and Australian licorice for Andy) and a thank you gift for Uncle Jimmy (photos of our day with him at the House of Parliament, Magna Carta Place, the War Memorial and the Yacht Club).

We arrived at Jamie’s with just enough time for a quick shower before hopping back in the car to pick up Uncle Jimmy and head just over the state line to Anne and Andy’s place for dinner. On the ride over we filled in Uncle Jimmy of our travels to Melbourne and along the Great Ocean Road and he told Jamie (aka McTavish) that his car looked uncharacteristically clean. When he found out that J.J. and I had washed it he offered up the information that he had a white Mercedes in his garage as well as a hose. Apparently the way he usually washes his car is to back it out of the garage when it’s raining.

We arrived at Anne and Andy’s and what a gorgeous home they have! It’s an old heritage home built on the St. Stephen’s church property, the church where Andy is the Minister. The décor was very much French Country (one of my favourites!) and felt so homey.

We had drinks before dinner, Jamie and I chatting with Anne and Andy and Uncle Jimmy talking to J.J. about India’s history. Anne called us to the table and served an amazing home cooked meal which included homemade crème brule, and was accompanied by a great red wine and interesting dinner conversation. Anne told us all about a trip she and Andy had taken to Cambodia and gave us some good tips about what to see and do during our upcoming time there (June/July 2012).

After dinner we took a tour of their garden as well as of St. Stephen’s church, where Andy works as a Minister. It’s a very small, very beautiful church, complete with a Bible from the 1800s or early 1900s that he uses to conduct his services.  Then it was time to drive Uncle Jimmy home (but not before Jamie jokingly pulled into the local car wash and Uncle Jimmy teasing him about the police pulling him over for driving in there like a maniac at that hour on a Sunday night), and then back to Jamie’s place for bed before our trip back to Sydney in the morning.


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