St. Kilda

11 Apr

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March 25, 2012

After a quick breakfast of Corn Flakes (or whatever the generic brand is for Corn Flakes), we bought our day trip tickets for the tram and made our way to St. Kilda. We started our self-guided tour with a walk along Fitzroy Street checking out the various menus offered by the number of cafés, bars and restaurants that lined the street.

At the bottom of Fitzroy Street we found ourselves at down at the water’s edge and so we walked out to the end of St. Kilda pier. The beach just past and below the pier is known to have little penguins walking along the beach at sunset and though it was only midday, we decided to try our luck with spotting a penguin or 2. Not only did we find one of these little guys sleeping soundly, nestled in between the rocks leading down to the water but we also saw 2 black swans in the bay.

That day also happened to be the day of the Melbourne Iron Man race which had the finish line set up on next to the beach, right near the pier. Flags were flying, announcers could be heard talking on the loudspeaker, and the race was being aired on big screens all around. A crowd had begun to gather on the beach to cheer on the athletes, though we did hear that the race was about an hour or so from being over so we continued on our way.

We walked along the boardwalk overlooking the ocean through a local artisan market where artists had set up their booths to sell everything from jewelry to stained glass to paintings to pottery and everything in between. At the end of the market we found ourselves outside the gates, or mouth rather, of Luna Park.

A few pictures later and a look across the street at the restaurants and we realized we were hungry for lunch. We decided to eat at Phamish, a restaurant with seating both inside and out and chairs made of lime green and lemon yellow plastic chairs that were shaped similarly to the plastic children’s chairs sold at Ikea. I haven’t been ordering pasta at restaurants as we’ve been cooking it a fair bit on our own (cheapest and easiest) but they had a sage and pumpkin ravioli and a spicy prosciutto gnocchi that both sounded too good to pass up. We ordered one of each deciding to share them both and both were worth the carb coma that came next.

On full tummies we decided we had better spend the next few hours walking around so we didn’t feel so bad about indulging (ok, so I didn’t feel so bad, I don’t think J.J. has ever experienced food guilt). At our server’s suggestion we walked along Acland Street, people watching and window shopping, before walking up to the Windsor area of town and along Chapel Street. Most things were closed but we took in the live music scene that was just ramping up with people celebrating their completion of the iron man race.

Finally we headed back to our hostel, first with a short tram ride through the Yarra area and walked the rest of the way through the Southbank area. We passed the Melbourne Theatre, National Gallery of Victoria and finally the Melbourne Recital Centre where we did an impromptu photo shoot of ridiculous dance moves under the sign.

By the time we finally got back to our hostel it was late and we’d had a pretty jam-packed day so it was off to bed shortly thereafter.


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