Sydney, We’ve Arrived

31 Mar

Coming in to Sydney

March 15, 2012

We woke up around 6:30am eager to get back on the road as we were set to arrive in Sydney that evening to re-join Tal and Jonny and all 4 of us stay with our friends, Kiera and Dave.

J.J. and I arrived in Sydney around 3:30pm and knew we had to print off the documents required for our India visa application before returning our rental car in the same area at 6pm. Like the rest of the application process for this visa, the printing was a pain, but eventually we got it done and were on our way to the Hertz dealership.

For some reason I decided to check the hours of operation at the drop-off location only to realize they closed at 5pm. Apparently there was a glitch in the online booking system that allowed me to select 6pm as the drop-off time and unfortunately we were on the hook for another day’s rental. At least we had free accommodations in Sydney.

We re-routed and headed straight to Kiera and Dave’s place in Ryde, a Sydney suburb. When we arrived we rang the doorbell only to discover that it appeared that no one was home. J.J. had some banking to sort out and I decided to go for a run to explore the neighbourhood after being cooped up for so long. Let me tell you that Ryde is all hills and needless to say when I arrived back at Kiera and Dave’s 45 minutes later I was a sweaty mess!

Kiera, Dave and Tal were home from grocery shopping by then and it turns out Jonny had been there the whole time, he just hadn’t heard the doorbell when we’d first arrived.

I hopped in the shower so that I could give proper hugs and meet Kiera and Dave’s roommates, Dave’s brother Dan and his girlfriend, Sarah, as well as their 4-year old pup, Juno. I also got a tour of their home which is a beautiful 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom bungalow with an enormous living room complete with a cathedral ceiling and giant walk-out back deck and backyard.

We had a delicious home-cooked dinner of BBQ chicken and sausages and a number of yummy sides on the deck and caught up over a couple of glasses of wine. It was such a nice and relaxing end to a crazy past couple of days.

Because Kiera, Dave, Dan and Sarah all had to work in the morning (not everyone can be on 8+ month sabbatical I guess) we all went to bed once J.J. and I had done the dishes. (Don’t worry Mum, you’ve taught me well – the cooks don’t clean and neither should the hosts/hostesses.)


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