Byron Bay, Angourie, Coff’s Harbou

30 Mar

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March 14, 2012

We checked out of Byron Bay Resort and headed to a café in town that offered free wi-fi to its customers so that we could complete the forms required to get our visas for India. We had planned to drop off all of our paperwork in Sydney first thing the morning after we arrived there along with Jonny and Tal.

Long story short, the wi-fi was extremely patchy and as soon as we’d near completion of one of our forms the connection would go down and we’d have to start all over. This went on for an incredibly frustrating 4 hours until finally we had finished. We were originally going to find somewhere in Byron Bay to print them but after that process we decided just to do it once we arrived in Sydney 2 days later.

We hadn’t made plans to stop anywhere in particular that night on our way into Sydney, we figured we’d drive until we were sleepy and find someplace to crash then, hitting Angourie along the way.

Well the woman we met on the beach in Byron was right – Angourie is beautiful, breathtakingly so. Where we parked the car was an incredible lookout from which we could see that there were 2 beaches that were joined together by a grassy point in the middle. On both beaches we could see the surfers riding huge waves and being filmed by a few camera crews that had some pretty high-tech equipment. At one of the lookouts on the way down to the beach we overheard a man telling the woman that had been standing there watching that one of the top surfers in the U.S. was out there. I believe it, those guys were incredible to watch!

After washing our feet and a quick bathroom break we got back on the road. We decided to stop around 10:30pm in Coffs Harbour not knowing that most reception desks at the motor inns close at 10pm. I guess third time’s the charm because we finally found a reception desk with a receptionist who gave us a room and some milk for my coffee in the morning. He apologized to us that he didn’t have any double rooms left and instead gave us the keys to a family room at the double room price.

We walked in to find a double bed, 3 single beds, a washroom, tv, free wi-fi, fridge and a coffee machine with free coffee! After being on the road for the better part of 3 months, this was pretty good!

J.J. passed out immediately, while I got into some awful Joey Lawrence movie about him as a divorced teacher who has a student stalker. How that didn’t put me right to sleep is beyond me (and no, it wasn’t worth staying up for!)


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