Student Life in Robina

20 Mar

Robina - 15 minutes from Surfers Paradise

When we got up we decided that we’d like to spend an extra night in Surfers Paradise and at breakfast talked to the receptionist about extending our stay at the hostel. There was a rugby team coming in that day and they were completely full but on the bright side our friends, Katie and Jay, very generously offered to take us in for the night.

We planned to give them the day to study and meet them at their place for dinner around 7:30pm. Since the day was ours and we’d had such a great time at Burleigh Beach the day before we decided to go back and try to get a surf lesson.

We arrived at the beach and got a bit of a runaround in terms of finding a surf shack that rented boards and offered lessons and by the time we found the only place that was suggested to us, they were closed for business. We were a bit disappointed but knowing our next stop would be Byron Bay we quickly made a new plan: walk the length of the beach and play in the waves along the way. It was such amazing weather that the day got away from us. We had time for a quick rinse in the outdoor shower by the beach before heading to the local liquor store as we’d been tasked with getting the wine while Jay and Katie took care of dinner.

Their apartment was meticulously clean, something we certainly appreciated after the number of hostels we’d stayed at, with a neutral colour palette complimented by modern furnishings. The balcony was a good size with a dining table to comfortably seat 4 people.

Katie made a fabulous meal and once we were so full we could barely move, Katie and Jay suggested playing Euchre. I had only ever played once before a few years back and for the life of me, couldn’t remember the rules. We started with a few practice rounds and once I’d gotten the hang of it, we got into a very competitive couple of games, starting with the teams being J.J. and I against Jay and Katie. We ended the night by switching partners, Katie and I against Jay and J.J. and let’s just say girls rule and boys drool.

Katie and Jay set us up on the floor of their living room in an extremely comfy bed made up of their couch cushions where we slept amazingly well.

Hosts with the most, to say the least!


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