Burleigh Beach With Family

19 Mar

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We were able to sleep in until 7:30am (thank you, $2 Budweiser night) and, on the suggestion of our friends the night before, planned to make our way to Burleigh Beach (it was supposed to be cleaner and less Cancun-like than Surfers Paradise).

As we were getting ready for the day, the hot sun already beaming through our open windows, we got a text message from my Australian cousin, Jamie, who was visiting Brisbane that day. He decided he would hop on a bus and make the 1 hour trip to Surfers and we would pick him up at the bus station when he arrived.

We pulled up and found Jamie waiting, fully Aussied-out in Australian flag board shorts. After hugs and ‘how you goings’ we hit the road in our little blue Yaris to Burleigh Beach. It was incredible – busy, but not too busy, clean, clear water, the waves were big but not too big and the sand was soft and white. Jamie schooled us on how to spot a rip tide and told us that we were to swim between the flags set up on the beach to be safe as these parts of the beach are watched by the lifeguards.

We spent most of the day soaking up the rays (wearing our SPF 50 sunscreen) and playing in the surf, breaking only for a late lunch at a Surf Club on the beach. By the time we’d finished it was time to drive Jamie to the bus station so that he could get back to Brisbane to meet his friends. J.J. and I took the long way home, soaking up the scenery and enjoying the freedom we had with the car, before heading back to our hostel for a good night’s sleep.


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