From Noosa to Surfers Paradise

18 Mar

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With our body clocks still on South America time, or maybe London time (who the heck knows after the roundabout flight to Oz!), J.J. and I were both wide awake in our hostel beds at 6:00am. After a whispered conversation we decided to head to Noosa National Park to do a sunrise hike along one of the trails.

We drove to the park entrance, lathered on the sunscreen and bug spray and changed our flip flops for Nike Frees. The sky was clear and the sun was beginning to rise and just as I thought the morning couldn’t get any better, we spotted an outdoor coffee stand. A well-made iced coffee later we were on our way, hiking along the Coastal Trail.

With every twist, turn and curve of the trail a more spectacular view than the last was revealed. Finally we made it to Hell’s Gate which boasted absolutely incredible views: to the right was a deserted and flawless beach (normally a nude beach that we were told was usually populated by older males); straight ahead was a wavy cove where the ocean crashed loudly against the rocks and sea turtles continuously surfaced and dove back down out of sight; to the left were natural pools off the edge of the view point and from there it was ocean meets sky as far as they eye could see.

Once we’d taken a million and one photos, we started on our hike back to the entrance of the park but J.J. had really wanted to swim in the natural pools and was regretting not having made the climb down. Since this trip is about no regrets, I offered to go back with him and climb the rocks down near the ocean so that he could take a skinny dip. Satisfied that he’d gotten to bathe in the pools overlooking the crashing ocean waves, we walked back to the park entrance, passing a number of women wearing Lululemon. Could it be that Lulu had expanded to Oz?! After losing all of my t-shirts, including my favourite Paris Pink Lulu dry-fit (which left me ‘tots devo’ – Aussie for totally devastated), I was stoked at the prospect.

Following our hike we spent the afternoon walking along Hastings Street checking out the shops and reading the menus of the many restaurants before heading to the beach for a dip in the ocean.

We were due to meet some friends from Toronto for dinner in Surfers Paradise who were living in the area for school, so we showered in the outdoor shower in our bathing suits and changed for dinner in the parking lot before making the two and a half hour drive.

Parking for dinner in Surfers Paradise was a bit of a challenge (think id Niagara Falls were a surf town) and we spent a quarter of an hour circling around to find a free parking spot before squeaking ahead of another car and into an open spot.

We arrived before our friends, Katie and Jay, Sam and Frank, arrived at the Irish bar (Waxy’s) where we’d agreed to meet. Knowing we were backpacking, Jay had suggested Waxy’s because of their $10 dinner menu, as well as their live music scene (it also happened to be $2 Budweiser night which was easy on the budget).

The food was traditional Irish fare, similar to what you’d find at Fynn’s of Temple Bar on King West in Toronto, and the music was this incredible band that played everything from Pearl Jam to Pink Floyd (Dad, you would have loved these guys!).

Once we’d sung the final lyrics to Education and having been going since the crack of dawn, and the others having another big day of studying ahead, we called it a night. As we were saying our goodbyes and heading off to our cars we discovered that the car that J.J. and I had sneaked in front of earlier that night was Jay’s. After a good laugh we parted ways and were off to dreamland for a good night’s sleep – the private 4-bed room at our hostel, Trekkers, was bliss.


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