The Australia Zoo – Steve Irwin Zoo

17 Mar

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I was wide awake at 3:30am, so the plan to get on Aussie time ASAP was not working out (either that or I was just so excited for the day ahead – we planned to visit the Australia Zoo, or Steve Irwin’s Zoo as it’s also known). We didn’t have Wi-Fi, as Australia is in the dark ages when it comes to the internet, but I managed to use Word to draft future blog posts that were overdue and do some photo editing while I waited the 3 or 4 hours for J.J. to wake up.

Around 9:30am we were on the road, making the 40-minute trip to zoo. The route was fairly straight-forward and J.J. seemed to adapt to driving on the left-hand side of the road very well – I on the other hand had to stifle my many “OMG” exclamations that nearly slipped out whenever I would forget that driving on the left was what we were supposed to be doing.

We arrived at the zoo, paid the $60 entrance fee and made our way to the bridge to get in. On either side of us were every type of crocodile you could imagine, each one with a plaque telling its name, age, how it came to be at the zoo and a little about its personality. I couldn’t believe how still they lie, it’s no wonder they’re such successful predators in the wild, they certainly would be able to surprise their prey!

Our next stop was the Australian snakes. If you know me even a little bit, chances are you know one of my biggest fears in this life is snakes. I chose to wait outside the room that housed these terrifying creatures while J.J. explored. Well, he must have really taken to the snakes because he left me outside for a horrible 7 minutes (yes, I was clock-watching) while unsightly lizards darted across the path in front of me, just inches from my bare toes.

Finally I called J.J.’s name and he came strolling out of the snake pit like it was no big deal, only to tell me he wasn’t quite finished in there and that he’ll meet up with me in an hour and a half at the koala show. I didn’t like this at all, and I let him know it. I walked off, ticked off that he’d let me sit outside the snake exhibit  terrified out of my mind for a full 7 minutes with the wild lizards only to tell me to explore for a while on my own while he finished up with the snakes.

So what’s the first thing I encountered? One of the zoo keepers walking through the zoo with an enormous snake around her neck. I somehow managed to hold back a scream of terror and panic and head in the opposite direction. I passed a few more wild lizards (yuck!), before finding 3 adorable, unthreatening koalas hanging out in their eucalyptus trees. There I stayed for the next hour and a half as I waited for the koala show to start.

The rest of the day was great and I put the snakes behind me once I met back up with J.J. I got to pet a koala and pet and feed kangaroos, as well as see a tiger turn around and charge a zoo keeper (thank goodness no one was hurt, but it’s lucky the zoo keeper was paying attention!).

Once we’d had our fill of hot sun and zoo animals (koalas, kangaroos, red pandas, elephants, tigers, white rhinos, oh my!) we got in the car and drove to Noosa where we had planned to spend the night and the following day.

Our hostel, Nomads Noosa, was a party haven for 18 – 22 year-olds and made us feel ancient. I was exhausted though and went right to sleep, waking up at 3:00am to a bear-like sound: the drunk snore of one of our roommates. The girl on the top bunk hit him a couple of times in the face with her pillow and his buddy even jumped on him, loudly whispering his name and telling him to shut the F up. Their attempts to get him to stop were unsuccessful and I must have fallen asleep, because I didn’t hear what came next. Unfortunately J.J. is a light sleeper and heard exactly what was going on in the bunk above mine. Let’s just say that the person staying above me wasn’t alone, and leave it at that (my mum has just reminded me on a Skype call that my content should be ‘family’ rated – if you’d like further details, feel free to email J.J.).


One Response to “The Australia Zoo – Steve Irwin Zoo”

  1. Tara March 18, 2012 at 22:17 #

    this is bringing back good memories! that’s where jay and I stayed in Noosa too, in our campervan! can’t wait to read more adventures!

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