Last Day in BA

21 Feb

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We spent the day popping in to any shop that looked interesting, whether it was a local gallery, a furniture shop, comic book store or one of the stores that house the creations of multiple designers making it feel like you’re in a market.

It got late faster than we would have liked and had dinner plans at a restaurant called Cumana in Recoleta, that came highly recommended by a friend of J.J.’s. In order to avoid having to go back to our hostel (which was neither in Palermo or Recoleta), we decided to give ourselves a challenge: given a very small budget, find a dinner outfit in Palermo. Success! We both stayed within our $20 – $25 limit and came out looking ready for dinner.

We finished our ‘challenge’ (shout out to BW!) earlier than expected and decided to have a drink at a pub in Palermo called Sullivan’s. When we paid for the bill, J.J. handed the server his credit card and she came back moments later letting us know that because he has the same last name as the bar we were being given a free drink.

While we sipped on our second round, a deaf street performer stopped by our table to do card tricks in exchange for a few pesos. We agreed and he amazed us with every trick! Even did this one where he lit a cigarette and made a pocket with J.J.’s new t-shirt and proceeded to stick it right in there and make it smoke out as if it was burning through his clothes. No hole! You probably had to see it…

Following our free drink we cabbed over to Cumana where we walked in and were immediate hit with a wall of hot, humid air. The air conditioning was broken and there were 2 fans to cool the entire restaurant. Heat aside, the restaurant was a cozy place with exposed brick and dim lighting (many BA restaurants use bright, bright fluorescent lighting at all times) and the best way I can describe the vibe would be something between Leslieville’s The Nose and Queen Margherite.

We shared the most amazing gnocchi and I had a glass of white wine (it was way too hot to drink red) and J.J. had a bottle, or rather a duck, of red wine.

After dinner we headed back to our hostel to meet Tal and Jonny for one last Millhouse party followed by a BA club. The club was like Dance Cave on crack and we didn’t end up staying to long, but we did have one last thing to do before calling it a night: hit up Riko’s for ponchos. When we got there we saw that he’d used a cardboard box to cover up the papas fritas on the menu – I guess he’d had enough of our nightly asking if he had any that day.

Then it was off to bed in our sweatbox of a dorm room, before we headed to our final stop in Argentina: Iguazu Falls.


2 Responses to “Last Day in BA”

  1. Erin M February 21, 2012 at 18:43 #

    Love the pics! Never have I seen so many pumas and converse as when I was in BsAs. You and Talia both talked about shopping quite a bit but never gave us any insight into what you bought (details please). Are you going to do a top ten for Argentina or BsAs? Any hopes to return to Argentina to see Patagonia one day? Did you guys try mate at all?

    Loved your pics of Iguacu. I was there on a cloudy day so your pictures do it more justice than any of the ones I took.

    Wishing you all a seamless entry into Brasil! (if you didn’t try mate in Arg, you may find it in more southern parts of Brasil. It’s called ‘chimarrao’ there).


  2. Clegg February 21, 2012 at 21:45 #

    ‘No hole!’ haha

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