Sunday FUNday in San Telmo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

14 Feb

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We had grand plans for a Sunday Funday: the San Telmo markets. On Sundays San Telmo really come to life with an antiques market beginning in the main square and spilling over into the surrounding streets, selling everything vintage including jewellery, matchbooks, cameras, telephones, Coke bottles, pots and pans, etc.

As per usual, it was a blistering hot day in BA and we decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk off our hangovers and lack of sleep, 2L bottles of water in tow. By the time we arrived we had sweat through our clothes (though we seem to have mastered the art of disguising this) and decided since we hadn’t had breakfast that we’d kick of our San Telmo experience with lunch.

We wandered the streets looking at menus here and there and finally stumbled upon a little red brick restaurant called Pasaje Solar. The menu looked good, the prices were reasonable and the décor felt sort of like a more upscale version of the back patio at Ravi Soups in Toronto. When we went to sit down at our table there was an adorable small dog curled up on my chair having a siesta – only out of North America!

The boys each had the lamb lasagna special and Tal and I had the chicken crepe special and a cold bottle of Torrentes – no bad choices to be made at this restaurant! Full, we were on our way to explore the markets.

We started in the main square and browsed from stand to stand, asking the vendors about the different pieces before moving on to weave our way through the crowded streets that offered everything from food and drinks to handmade jewellery, hats, painted art and live performances.

A little further down we found a clown of some sorts doing acrobatic tricks on the cobblestone using and oversized exercise ball. We stopped and watched for a few minutes before moving on.

In the distance we heard the sound of many percussion instruments and followed our ears. We found a band of about 15 or so musicians playing together in the street surrounded by a growing crowd that were clapping, tapping their feet and full-on dancing to the beat. There was even a senior citizen on crutches just givin ‘er – by far the most entertaining bystander to watch. What a great show to see as a warm up to the La Bamba percussion concert we planned to see the following night.

A little further down we found a clown of some sorts doing acrobatic tricks on the cobblestone using and oversized exercise ball.

The vendors began to package up their stands to close for the day so we began the walk back to our hostel, but first a quick trip to the grocery store to get ingredients for that night’s dinner. It was my turn to cook and with the lack of vegetables I chose to make a chicken and vegetable stir fry. We were so tired from the sun and having been out late the night before that the walk home was slow and I wasn’t really paying attention. J.J. calling my name snapped my out of my daydream and I turned as he pointed out that half the loaf of French bread I was carrying had fallen out of the bag and was laying in the middle of the crosswalk. No bread for me.

J.J. helped me make dinner as the only pan big enough to cook for 4 people is awkward and if we didn’t want to lose our food to the kitchen floor, I needed his help.

After dinner we went out for a drink down the road to La Continental before calling it a night.


One Response to “Sunday FUNday in San Telmo – Buenos Aires, Argentina”

  1. Erin Mutrie February 14, 2012 at 19:16 #

    So glad you loved San Telmo (That’s where my casa was for 1.5 months back in ’07). Love the pictures! I wish I could see more! I’m currently not a fb member and the ONLY reason I want to rejoin is to see all of your/Talia’s pictures!! Is facebook the only place you post pictures?

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