Top 10 List: Peru

21 Jan

The Top 10 Things to Know About Peru (in no particular order):

10. The food is incredible

The sunrise view from our camp site along the Inca Trail

9. There are extreme changes in climate – from snowsuit to bikini to full rain gear can happen over the course of an hour

8. The simultaneous feelings of tremendous accomplishment and utter exhaustion while riding the train from Machu Picchu back to Cusco (not to mention the anticipation of the first shower in 4 days!)

7. The history of the Inca people

6. The landscape is breath-taking and photos don’t do it justice. Make the trip to Peru and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed

5. Chicha (the strawberry kind) is like dessert in a glass

4. The devotion to pachamama (Mother Earth)

3. The logic behind the architecture – these constructions still standing

2. Our Peruvian nicknames: Tal = Talpaca (because she bought so many things made of alpaca wool), Kait (CK) = Loca Katalina/Karolina (direct translation of CK), J.J. = Indy (in Peru, Jonny is still Jonny)

1. The night sky along the Inca Trail has the most incredible stars I’ve ever seen


One Response to “Top 10 List: Peru”

  1. Erin Mutrie January 21, 2012 at 17:39 #

    hahahaha Talpaca! That’s awesome.
    ❤ your blog!

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