Another Saturday at the Doctor & Trip Planning!

6 Dec

At the travel doctor appointment

For this appointment we knew we had some decisions to make about the ‘big ticket items’: the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination (2 shots for a total of $500) and the Rabies vaccination (3 shots at a total of $700). In the end, we all opted in for the Japanese Encephalitis shots, but only J.J. had pockets deep enough for the Rabies vaccine. (He swears that for Christmas this year he’s going to gift-wrap the anti-Rabies and put it under our tree for me. Original gift, yes.  Kait-pleaser, no.)

At this point I should mention that I am probably the most likely of the 4 of us to contract Rabies because of my love of dogs and the number of sad-looking abandoned ones I’m sure we’ll run into along the way. Tal has given me strict orders not to pet the puppies which is always followed by firm nodding from the boys.

Back to the meds. The Dukoral was a no-brainer and has the added bonus of being a drink instead of another needle. (Though we are all a little concerned the effects wear off after only 3 months and we plan to be abroad for 8+. Looks like Immodium stocks are about to go up, people!)

After a thrilling 2 hours of this, we were off to visit our travel agent, Jeff. The boys have been meeting with him while Tal and I have been out of town at various events with our girlfriends so this was the first meeting with all of us together.

We spent the next hour talking our way through the trip and got some really helpful first-hand recommendations about South America as Jeff has traveled there himself. We were also able to get some good info about safaris in Tanzania and Kenya as well as some pricing around the Kilimanjaro climb (roughly $2,000).

For the time being, we’ve got ourselves the following rough itinerary:

– Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

– Australia

– Indonesia, Nepal

– India

– Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand

– Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Spain, Morocco

– Home

I’m looking forward to comparing the itinerary we have now to what actually happens on the trip, but most of all I’m excited for everything between now and then!


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