The Background

6 Nov

Best Friends

I first met Talia, my best friend, in the 5th grade but it wasn’t until grade 10 that we became close. By the end of high school we were inseparable. When it came time to choose universities in our OAC year Tal opted to stay in Ottawa and enrolled at U of O while I chose to pack my bags for WLU in Waterloo.

The Tal and Jonny Show

Our first year of university Tal and I kept up with phone calls which is how I first heard about Jonny, a Communications student at U of O that had asked her on a date. She described Jonny as cute and as having a great sense of humour (on their second date he took her to Mexicali Roses because he had a 2 for 1 coupon – so far, Jonny is the only person I know that could pull that off!). They eventually became an official couple.

In third year Tal’s International Business major led her to a semester long exchange in Italy, a trip that resulted in a ‘break’ in her and Jonny’s relationship. Though she was in Italy Tal’s mind was still on Jonny back in Ottawa.

During Tal’s time in Italy I was growing restless in Waterloo and was ready for a change. I was missing my friends and family in Ottawa and with Tal returning home we planned to move into an apartment and finish out our fourth year living together and attending U of O.

The summer we searched for an apartment in Ottawa , Jonny had decided he was ready to move to Toronto to start working in marketing. Being in different cities for the forseeable future meant that the ‘break’ would continue.

Following graduation, Tal and I moved to Toronto and chose to live together as we began our careers in marketing. At the time Jonny was living about a half a block from our new place with a few of our guy friends from U of O. Tal and Jonny began talking more and more but they didn’t hurry to make any decisions about whether or not to get back together.

Just as they were growing really close again, Jonny decided to leave his job for a few months to travel to Australia with one of his best friends. It was on that trip that Tal (and the rest of us) really saw how much Jonny cared about her. Hardly a day went by where he didn’t find some way to call her from the land down under.

Shortly after his return to Toronto, Tal and Jonny made it official – they were back together and shortly after that they were living together. Around that same time, Jonny started working at the same marketing agency that I was working at which allowed to me to get to know Jonny a lot better – both professionally and personally. I’m so glad I had that chance because I couldn’t be happier that Tal found such a great guy.

Sure, they’ve gone through their share of ups and downs, but 9 (or is it 10?) years later they’re stronger than ever and one of my all-time favourite couples.

Enter J.J.

A little more than 2 years ago, the marketing agency I was working for and the marketing agency J.J. was working for shared a common client. The client was hosting a party in Muskoka that J.J. had been invited to – a party I never planned to attend. That same weekend, a girlfriend and I were at my grandparents cottage in Muskoka for the weekend and ran into our boss and the client in town. They invited us to meet them at the party a few hours later.

When we showed up, our boss met us at the entrance where he walked us over to the client and introduced us to him and  the other agency people. One of those people was J.J. We spent a lot of the night talking and laughing but didn’t exchange numbers, email addresses or even last names.

The Monday morning after the party I posted some of the photos I had taken on Facebook. A co-worker from my previous agency job messaged me saying she had nearly gone to the party as she worked at that same agency as J.J.  I asked her for J.J.’s email address so that I could send him some of the photos from the party. I did and over the next 4 months we got to know each other over email and had the odd phone conversation, but we never made any plans to get together. Eventually, J.J. invited me to a Matt Good concert at Massey Hall that I almost said no to. At the 11th hours I decided to take a chance and go and we’ve been smitten ever since.

We moved in together a little over a year ago and couldn’t be happier!

The Next Chapter

In January 2012 the 4 of us will be embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. I plan to write as often as I can and include all of the details, good, bad, funny or sad.

For the longest time Tal has had this quirky goal to be on The Real World. And while this may not be TV and we are far from strangers, think of this as the blog version of The Real World.

Stay tuned!


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